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A college newspaper in Illinois claimed that someone dumped 800 copies its last issue in the trash following a report on a hazing investigation involving a campus sorority .

According to a press release, copies of the Oct. 7 issue of Elmhurst College's studen-run newspaper, The Leader, disappeared from newsstands. The staff claimed they later found some of those missing papers in trashcans and compost bins.


The newspaper's editorial board belives the culprits are members of the Elmhurst College Phi Mu sorority chapter. The missing papers featured a front-page story about an alleged hazing incident within sorority being investigated.

"I cannot believe people thought they were justified in stealing our newspapers just because they didn't like an article we reported," editor-in-chief Zachary Bishop said. "My staff's hours of work have been wasted and our freedom of press has been suppressed. We will not forget about this injustice."


Several students also allegedly saw members of the Phi Mu chapter throwing out the Oct. 7 issue at various locations.

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